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Increasing Your Home's Value With An Accessory Dwelling Unit

Home renovations are a good investment. Not only can they make your home fit any changing needs, but they may add value to your home. Renovating your home to have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) may be a good investment.

Location And Type

Your first consideration will be the location of the ADU. The options are generally detached versus attached, with several types of attached ADUs. A detached ADU will give you the most flexibility and can be preferred in many situations since you will have more options regarding where the dwelling is located on the property and its relation to the main home. Attached ADUs can be created from basement or attic space, a renovated garage, a space above the garage, or a new space built beside but still connected to the main home. The type of ADU you choose might be contingent upon how easy it is to extend your home. Plumbing, electrical, and gas lines are often easier to extend to a connected portion of the home, rather than a separate dwelling.

Doors, Windows, And Parking

When the ADU looks more like a small apartment, the person living there can have a greater sense of privacy and independence. This allows the person to have their own entrance. You will need to think about the placement of windows and where the person can park. In most situations, an ADU will function better if it's placed beside the main home, regardless of whether it's attached or detached. This allows the person living there to have windows with a view of the street and backyard. It is also easier for the occupant to either share the garage or parking space or for a separate parking space to be constructed.


The ADU will be more cost-effective if you can find a balance between the independence of the occupant and sharing some aspects of the home. You can consider additional modifications of the main home so the two living areas can share a garage and laundry room. This reduces the need for additional appliances and utility usage that could ultimately overburden the main home's electrical system. The current purpose of the ADU will dictate what amenities are needed. For example, if you are building a dwelling for an aging parent with dementia, you will likely not want a stove in the kitchen, since it can become a fire hazard. However, you will want enough space for a small refrigerator and microwave. Similarly, a walk-in shower will be preferred to a bathtub. Many of these options save space while meeting the needs of the occupant. Further modifications can be made later, if necessary.

Since more families have adult children or aging parents come to live with them, an ADU is a popular modification. When renovating your home, an ADU is one way to adapt the home to the changing needs of your household, while increasing its value. For more information, contact a company like Alana Busse Construction.