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2 Benefits Of Having An Exterior Drain Tile System Installed Around Your Home's Foundation

If your basement seems to flood every time it rains, you may be looking at ways to keep the water out. Since having your foundation repaired may be out of your budget at the moment, you may be looking at alternative methods that will deal with the water as it comes in, such as a French drain or a sump pump.

However, you may want to consider diverting the water away before it ever comes into your basement with an exterior drain tile system. There are a couple of benefits of having a drain tile system installed around your home's foundation.

1. Collects and Channels the Water away from Your Home's Foundation

One major benefit of having a professional install a drain tile system on the outside of your house is that it collects the water before it makes its way into your basement. With a sump pump or French drain, the water is already present in the room where it has already caused damage to the foundational walls of the basement.

However, an exterior tile system is installed around the outer perimeter of your home where it collects and channels the water away from the foundation. Since the water never reaches the structure, the system can greatly reduce the risk of having your basement flood.

2. Requires No Sump Pump for the System to Work

Another benefit of installing an external drain tile system around your home is that no construction is needed inside your house. With a sump pump or French drain, the installers have to come into the basement and start tearing up the floors to put these systems in.

However, since the drain tile system is only located on the exterior of your house, no construction is needed inside. This helps to reduce the impact of the installation on your daily routine and keeps the internal structures of the basement intact.

If you have water problems in your basement, having a drain tile system installed around the foundation of your home will channel it away before it has a chance to flood the area. And since the system is installed on the exterior of your house and does not need a sump pump inside, there will be no major disruptions to the interior routines of your home because no construction in the basement is necessary.

For more information, contact an exterior drain tile technician near you.