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3 Possible Causes Behind A Noisy Garage Door

No one wants to hear alarming noises every time they open or shut their garage door. Poor maintenance, improper installation, or normal wear and tear can all cause your garage door to produce excessive noise. Pinning down the cause of a noisy garage door can be tricky, but there are a few good places to start. Here are three possible causes behind a noisy garage door.

1. Roller Wear

Garage door rollers are the parts that move your garage door along the tracks as it opens and closes. The rollers support the full weight of the door as it moves, so they are subject to high levels of friction and force. Worn rollers may cause your door to wobble or close unexpectedly, so they should be repaired promptly to avoid a safety hazard.

With years of use, the bearings in your garage door rollers can degrade. This may cause an unpleasant screeching sound when your door is in motion. These noises are a good sign it's time to call a garage door contractor to lubricate or replace the rollers.

2. Off-Balance Door

Garage doors must be carefully balanced to remain level throughout their full range of motion. Balancing issues can cause your garage door to make banging or thumping noises as it collides with the track.

Your door may open or shut very quickly if it's unbalanced, and it will not be able to remain suspended in the middle position. These are safety concerns that should be addressed quickly to avoid injury to people or pets caught beneath the door. To balance your door, a garage door technician will inspect the springs on each side and ensure they are a matched set and in good condition.

3. Garage Door Opener Malfunction

Sometimes, a noisy garage door isn't caused by a problem with the door itself. Your garage door opener has several moving parts that can create mechanical grinding sounds when the unit malfunctions.

Screw drive garage door openers are a common option that use a threaded metal screw to move the door. If the screw drive is corroded or poorly lubricated, your garage door opener will be extremely noisy during use. Chain and belt drive openers can suffer from similar forms of corrosion or wear. These openers may create a rattling noise when in need of repair.

Noises from your garage door should never be ignored, as they can be warning signs for serious problems and safety hazards. Call a garage door repair contractor whenever your door starts making unusual noises. Contact a company like Plano Overhead Garage Door to learn more.