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2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt To Fix The Crack In Your Basement Foundation Yourself

While spending a little time in your basement, you may have noticed a crack that runs along the foundation. Because you are worried that the crack will start leaking water if it has not already, you may be thinking about buying a cement kit and patching it yourself. 

However, before you spend money on the kit and time trying to patch the crack, you should reconsider doing it yourself, and instead, have a professional fix it for you. There are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to fix the crack in your home's basement foundation yourself.

1. Patching the Crack Will Not Fix the Underlying Issue and Could Even Make the Problem Worse

One reason you should forget about fixing the crack in the basement's foundation with a patch kit is that doing so will not resolve the underlying issue that caused the damage in the first place. Patching the crack could even make the problem worse.

If the crack was caused by external foundational damage that is allowing water to leak through the concrete, for example, that damage will still be there. When you patch the crack, the water will still infiltrate the foundation, and since it no longer has an outlet, pressure will build up and create more cracks. 

2. Fixing a Cracked Foundation Requires Skill, Experience, and Tools You Most Likely Do Not Have

Another reason why you should have a professional fix the foundation crack in your home's basement is that you most likely do not have the skills, experience, or tools needed to do the job correctly. Even if you can patch the crack without creating more issues, it must be done a certain way to ensure it holds and does not further damage the foundation.

A professional will know how to repair the crack as well as where to look for the underlying cause. They also have the tools needed to do the job correctly, which are often specialty tools that are only accessible to licensed professionals.

When your home's basement foundation has a crack in it, you should leave its repair to a professional. If you try to simply patch the crack, it may come back because the underlying cause has not been dealt with and could even make the problem worse. They have the skills, experience, and tools to ensure that both the crack and the underlying issue that caused the damage are fixed.

Contact a local basement crack repair service to learn more.