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What Do Insulation Contractors Bring To The Table?

Hiring an insulation company is a normal part of building or renovating a house. You might wonder what the specific need for insulation contractors is, though. Here are 5 things they bring to the table.


Foremost, professionals are going to use the right gear to make sure every project happens safely. Likewise, they'll have the training needed to safely deploy a wide range of materials, including sprayable ones. You can expect a team of insulation contractors to use respirators and other forms of personal protection to handle all materials with care. Also, they'll be able to handle everything without tracking anything unwanted through your house.

Bear in mind that safety is important especially when you're removing existing insulation. Particularly in older houses, there may be unsafe materials that a non-contractor shouldn't even think about touching.


Even the simplest forms of insulation require significant amounts of equipment to deploy. Stapling sheets of insulation to boards is a surprisingly hardware-intensive process by the time you handle large rolls of materials. In some buildings, just getting tools and materials into higher areas requires extra equipment. Likewise, they have to do all of this without accidentally punching a hole in your ceiling or roof.


Insulation contractors have access to many different kinds of materials. Each type serves a purpose, and it's hard even for construction contractors to know all the information. An insulation technician can look at your situation and tell you whether it might be more appropriate for you to use sheets, foam, panels, or some other deployment method. They will assess the situation and help you find the most cost-effective way to maximize the insulation value of your house.

Identification of Problems

A lot of insulation contracting boils down to finding out where air may be leaking either into or out of a home. Insulation contractors can use diagnostic equipment to look for locations that require more attention. This is a good way to ensure that small gaps around window sills, door jambs, vents, caps, and other areas will be as tightly insulated as possible.

Regional Knowledge

The insulation demands of homes in different regions will vary widely. Folks in southern environments, for example, are usually more worried about losing air conditioning during the summer than heat in the winter. An insulation company's team members will know what products and designs do best in your area based on their work for other customers and even themselves.