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Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Drain cleaning equipment, hydro jetting tools, and camera equipment are often used consecutively when unclogging lines that run to a city sewer system. Sewer cleaning is a common process that will involve assessing equipment and delegating an efficient cleaning or inspection process.

Manual Augers And Snakes

Manual augers and snakes can be used to unclog plumbing that is attached to the main drain line or a secondary drain line. A manual auger is often used to pull waste up and out of plumbing. A plumber may use this tool to target a clogged toilet or another plumbing component. Instead of pushing waste through a series of plumbing materials, this unclogging method is often used instead. It will ensure that a large waste material does not get further lodged within a sewer system.

A snake is a long tool that is used to reach deep into plumbing. It can be used to dislodge materials that are stuck inside of interior or exterior plumbing pieces. A job that will involve cleaning far into a line may require the use of a camera. A camera can retrieve footage of the inside of plumbing pieces. This equipment is vital in properly diagnosing a sewer system problem.

Power Equipment

Power equipment is used to clean the main components of a sewer system. A contractor may use one piece of equipment to remove buildup from within interior plumbing and another to flush water straight through the plumbing. The first type of equipment that a contractor may use is one that is electrically operated. A long cord and a cutting blade may be featured with this type of unit.

The long cord will allow cleaning to be performed along every inch of plumbing that comprises a sewer system. All of the waste materials that are dislodged will be collected in a special storage tank. This tank may be set up in a contractor's vehicle. The tank will ensure that germy substances do not come into contact with anyone who will be responsible for completing a sewer cleaning project.

A hydro jetting process is often conducted once a sewer line has been unclogged. This process involves using a machine that has a powerful motor. One end of a sewer line will need to be accessed. Afterward, a nozzle will be used to administer a strong stream of water through a sewer line. At the conclusion of the cleaning process, interior drains may be inspected, to confirm that they operate properly.

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