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How to Work with a Takeoff and Estimating Service

An important part of estimating lumber framing is performing a count of the framing lumber. This is referred to as a lumber takeoff. You will need to find the number of studs needed for the wall frame, and there are several things that you will need to estimate. A multifamily lumber takeoff service can perform this estimate for you.

How to Calculate the Framing Takeoff

The multifamily lumber takeoff service will create a sketch that determines the length and height of the wall and also determines the size of the door and window openings. Based on the length, it's then time to determine the number of studs that will be needed. It's also important to determine how many supporting plates you will need for the walls so that you can make sure that the walls can remain in place.

Lumber Takeoff Estimates

Other wood elements that you will need to count include the wood beams, wood posts, blockings, and headers above the openings. You can perform all of these calculations yourself manually, but this can take a very long time and is impractical. Instead, it's better to use a service that will be able to use the right tools to effectively calculate the materials that you will need for building a multifamily home.

This type of service can be an extension of your construction business so that you can focus on increasing your sales. Lumber takeoff estimations are very time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, a team that is trained on how to perform this task properly can do so more efficiently.

Staying Under Budget

Along with the estimate, you will receive a complete diagram of all of the calculations of the estimated materials that will be needed to construct the particular building. By knowing how many materials you will need, it will be easier to avoid wasting money by purchasing an excessive number of materials and you will also have less of an impact on the environment. You will be less likely to go over budget and will also be less likely to not order enough materials to complete your project. 

Labor Estimates

In addition to knowing how many materials you will need, you can also receive an estimate as to the amount of labor that will be required. You might need both skilled and unskilled labor to be able to complete the job. Then, you will be able to get started with your project.

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