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3 Reasons To Use Spray Foam Insulation To Address Roofing Issues And Energy Efficiency

A spray foam insulation could be an ideal solution for any commercial property that needs a new roof and has energy efficiency issues. Sometimes poorly insulated roofs has damage such as gaps that contribute to high energy costs. If a property owner has a limited budget, it can be even more appealing to consider the most cost-effective approach to getting a solid roof and addressing energy efficiency issues. Most property owners know that they will need to replace their roofing materials at some point. However, they might realize that they can improve energy efficiency by choosing their solution wisely.

Premature roof replacements can be caused by a number of issues including lack of maintenance. A complete roof replacement is not always ideal. A roofer can inspect and determine if alternate solutions such as spray foam can be utilized. The installer can also determine if a spray foam insulation install can be beneficial in other areas that lack insulation or have poor insulation. The following points identify a few of the benefits of choosing this type of installation.

No Tear-Off Required

Tearing off old roofing materials to prepare for a new roof installation involves more techniques. The tear-off step can be skipped when a spray foam installation is chosen. Some or all of the old roofing materials can be left in place. The installer will determine if certain parts need to be extracted and replaced before the spray foam application process. 


Property owners can expect to save money by choosing a spray foam insulation installation. Replacing a commercial roof and addressing other insulation issues elsewhere in a building can be an expensive endeavor. Choosing a spray foam insulation installation can curb labor costs. Other expenses such as waste disposal can also be reduced. This is because most of the building materials can usually be left in place. Another savings point is that property owners will not need to make a significant investment in new materials as long as the original materials are not severely damaged. 

Prevent Future Damage Issues

Certain types of insulation materials can be compromised by mold and moisture under the correct conditions. This can lead to damaged materials that require extracting and reinstalling to harness the full energy efficiency effects. Spray foam insulation inhibits mold growth and moisture. It is ideal for roofing systems and other areas of homes such as crawlspaces and attics that might also be at risk for mold contamination and moisture damage. A spray foam installer is a good resource to use to learn more about this innovative insulation solution.

For more information on spray foam insulation installation, contact a company near you.