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5 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Contractor

A commercial construction project is a large undertaking. It's vital that you have a general contractor to help you manage it.

1. Single Point of Contact

Attempting a project without a contractor means you will be constantly on the phone or on-site trying to track down the different crew leads for the variety of crews needed to complete a commercial project. With a general contractor, you have a single point of contact. If you have questions, you only need to make one phone call and your contractor will hunt down the answer for you.

2. Project Management

Every construction project consists of a lot of small projects. Managing the various crews that are needed for each aspect can be a daunting task. A general contractor will create and maintain a schedule so that the right crew is on-site at the right time. They will arrange for ordering and delivering of supplies and equipment. Further, the contractor will handle the legal requirements of the job, such as securing permits and meeting with inspectors.

3. Cost Savings

General contractors have special deals with a variety of suppliers, which enables them to get contractor rates when they are working on a project. They also have a lot of contacts and are knowledgeable about all of the local specialized crews. This puts them in the unique position to be able to negotiate a good price on everything from supplies and equipment to labor, which can provide you with drastic savings so that your project stays within your budget.

4. Risk Mitigation

There is always a risk on a construction site, whether it is a risk of injury to the workers or damage to equipment and supplies on the site. General contractors have up-to-date site safety training and they aren't afraid to enforce safety rules. Further, it is their responsibility to ensure that everyone working on site is properly insured in the event an accident does happen.

5. Schedule Adherence

Staying on the scheduled timeline is a challenge for any building project, and larger commercial projects can be even more difficult to manage. A skilled and experienced general contractor will be able to adhere to the schedule much more accurately than if you depended on the individual contractors for each part of the build to stick to a schedule. If a crew can't follow a schedule, the contractor will replace them with a new crew that can.

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