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Earth Homes: Why Their Popularity Is Rising

Every living being needs a place they can call home. For humans, that place is often a house. These structures protect the owners and their property from harsh elements like rain, snow, sun, and hail. That means a good home guarantees you and your loved ones are safe, comfortable, and happy. But, in this modern world, you can't settle for less; you have to be unique to stand out. And no structure can help you achieve that end better than an earth home. Keep reading to learn more about earth homes and why they are popular.

What is an Earth Home?

Earth homes go by several names, including earth shelters, earth houses, and earth-sheltered homes. They are usually built using the surrounding terrain and natural elements like wood, clay, bamboo, and dirt, either at ground level with soil piled on them or entirely buried underground. Some of the affordable earth homes you can opt for today include disaster-proof earth homes, hobbit houses, and dome-shaped earthbag structures.  

Why are Earth Homes Popular?

Many people love earth homes because they are:

1.       Eco-friendly

Earth homes take eco-friendly to a whole new level. These structures are constructed using natural materials, the most predominant being soil. Soil is a safe building material that doesn't negatively impact the environment. Moreover, earth houses are associated with low embodied energy since considerably lower amounts of energy are used to manufacture the components needed to build them. Don't forget that using natural building materials like soil cuts wastage, and any leftovers can be reused or spread on site.

2.       Energy efficient

If you want an energy-efficient home to live in, try earth-sheltered buildings. These structures are considered incredibly energy efficient because, for one, they are built using earth, which has spectacular insulating capacities. Moreover, since earth houses are mostly built underground or into a hillside, they offer reduced air infiltration.

3.       Safe

Your home is often predisposed to harsh weather conditions. And when a natural disaster hits, it can be razed to the ground. But earth houses aren't like your average homes. Since most are built underground, they can effectively withstand storms, strong winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Besides, since earthquake vibrations lose their amplitude the further underground a structure is, earth-sheltered homes are the safest option for anyone living in susceptible regions.

Need Help?

Earth home building is a complicated and delicate task that only skilled professionals should handle. That is more so since you must know the terrain of the land, move and grade soil before constructing this structure. Plus, earth homes should be designed to manage water filtration, something only expert builders can do flawlessly. Professional earth home builders are skilled in all these and have the necessary earth-moving equipment such as excavators, skid-steer loaders, and backhoe loaders.

For more information, contact an earth home builder near you.