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Consider Adding These Three Rooms To Your Basement

If you have a spacious basement that mainly consists of one room, an option to consider is converting this large space into multiple smaller rooms. While the open space can have its benefits, you may find that a few rooms that are designed for specific purposes can be a better fit for your family. It can be fun to assess the amount of space you have, consider your family's various interests, and then decide on what rooms you favor. Your next step will be to hire a contractor who has experience with basement remodeling projects. Here are three rooms that you may wish to consider for your basement home remodeling project.

Children's Play Room

If you have kids, there's a good chance that they use the majority of the basement as a play area — and this can often result in the entire space having a messy look. A good option is to build a specific room in the basement that your kids can use as a playroom. It can have soft carpet as its flooring, plenty of built-in wall storage for games and toys, and lots of floor space for various activities. Your children will be excited to have a place to call their own, while you'll be excited to restore some order to the rest of the basement.

Wine Room

While some people keep wine fridges in their kitchens, you might have a larger collection of wine that requires more storage space. A good option can be to add a wine room to your basement. It can be more than just a place to store your bottles, though. In addition to having shelving built into the walls, consider what amenities can help to make this space comfortable for sitting and sipping some wine with friends. You may want a luxurious hardwood floor or a gas fireplace, for example, and you can buy the right furniture to add to this room after the renovation is complete.

Hobby Room

If you have a specific hobby that you pursue, you might struggle to find adequate space for it. Another remodeling option to consider is to build a room in your basement that you can devote to your hobby. Whether it's sewing, building wooden models, or some type of artistic pursuit, you'll appreciate having a dedicated space in which you set up your hobby equipment and not have to take it down until you're ready. When possible, it will be ideal for this room to have multiple windows to provide lots of natural lighting.