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4 Common Issues That Need Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial roofs on office blocks, warehouses, and other commercial premises face unique challenges because of their large sizes and different activities on the roof. Many commercial roofs are flat, making them prone to flooding and pooling water. They also carry different equipment, including air conditioning, heating systems, boilers, and solar systems. Flat roofs also often double as commercial space for storage or rooftop cafes. What are the common issues you can expect to require the attention of commercial roofing services?

Billowing or Tenting 

Single-ply membranes are popular for commercial roofing, but they are prone to billowing or tenting when not fixed properly. In the worst case, a strong wind can blow off a membrane roof, causing extensive damage.

You need commercial roofing services to stick the membrane properly to the substrate. They do this with a combination of industrial glue and rivets.

Roof Leaks 

Commercial roof leaks can go undetected for a long time because of the large size of the roof, especially when the amount of water is so small that it is difficult to pinpoint the source of the leak. This problem often happens where there are major protrusions like air vents. Deteriorating flashing around these installations provides infiltration points for water. 

Improper roof installation causes leaks as soon as the rain or snow comes. Water ponding can also cause deterioration of roofing membrane or corrode metal roofing to cause leaks. Therefore, a commercial roofing contractor needs to do regular inspections and fix any problems that may cause leaks.

Ponded or Pooled Water 

The slope of a flat roof can make it slow when draining rainwater, snow, and ice. This problem usually comes from poor roof installation because even though commercial roofs are flat, they should have a slight slope to allow draining.

Roofers say there is a ponding problem if the water stays on the roof for more than 48 hours. This problem causes roof membrane deterioration because of thermal expansion and corrosion. You will need a roofing contractor to correct the anomaly by rectifying the roof's slope. 

Paint Damage 

Paint is used to protect metallic roofs from corrosion and rust. It also contributes to branding efforts because you can paint your branding elements and make them visible from far. But painted metal fades over time because of weather exposure and blisters from moisture damage. Spray-on roof coating works well to maintain your roof's protection and keep it looking good. 

Are you looking for ways to restore your commercial roof's functionality? Call a commercial roofing contractor or go to websites of professional roofers to learn more about roof inspection and repair.