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Different Types Of Roofing That You Can Choose For Your Home

When you are needing to replace the roof of your home, there are many options that will be available to you. This can be ideal for individuals that are wanting an alternative to using traditional asphalt shingles to cover their roof.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles can be an option that will provide some important advantages over asphalt shingles. In addition to generally being considered to be more attractive, this type of shingles will also be far more durable than asphalt shingles. While stone tile will be one of the more costly types of roofing, the far longer lifespan can spare you from needing to replace these tiles again in the near future. Due to the weight of these tiles, your roof may need to be reinforced, which can be another cost to consider.

Metal Panels

Metal panels are a basic style of roof. Metal roofing systems can provide a nice balance between durability and cost. Additionally, metal roofing systems can be extremely energy-efficient, which may be a benefit that many people will overlook when they are assessing their options for a new roof installation. Corrosion is one of the bigger concerns that people will have about metal roofing, but they will be treated to be resistant to corrosion. This can result in the metal panels being able to last for a decade or longer before corrosion will be an issue that a homeowner needs to be concerned about. Proper maintenance of the roof can further extend its lifespan, which will generally involve the need to keep the roof clean so that moisture can quickly dry.


Rubber is a roofing material that has grown in popularity for many commercial and residential buildings. This type of roofing will consist of a thick layer of rubber that has been applied to the roof's exterior. Rubber roofing can be among the most energy-efficient and durable types of roofing. The rubber will be resistant to heat transfer, and it will be resilient against moisture seeping through it. While rubber roofing can be efficient and durable, it will need to be applied to a relatively flat surface. Otherwise, the rubber will run off the roof before it cools and hardens. A roof installation contractor will be able to perform an assessment of your roof to determine whether rubber will be an option that you can utilize for your home's new roof.

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