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This is not just another building blog. No, we want it to be one of the best building blogs you ever read. We post articles all about the construction industry, and about the work that contractors do. Now, you may wonder why you'd want to read about construction and contractors if you don't work in this industry yourself. But here's the thing: you live in a house. You drive on roads. So, you make use of the structures that contractors build as a part of your daily life. We think that makes construction worth knowing about and reading about, don't you?


4 Issues To Tackle Before Starting Commercial Construction Or Remodeling Work

Commercial construction and renovation efforts tend to be very involved. Whenever possible, you will want to solve as many issues as you can before a single contractor starts swinging a hammer. Use this checklist to improve the odds of a successful project. Zoning and Permits One of the worst possible outcomes is to pour money into a job only to end up with a perfectly fine building you can't use. Make sure the location is zoned for your intended use. Read More