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This is not just another building blog. No, we want it to be one of the best building blogs you ever read. We post articles all about the construction industry, and about the work that contractors do. Now, you may wonder why you'd want to read about construction and contractors if you don't work in this industry yourself. But here's the thing: you live in a house. You drive on roads. So, you make use of the structures that contractors build as a part of your daily life. We think that makes construction worth knowing about and reading about, don't you?


Designing And Building Your New House

Building your custom home can be an opportunity that will allow you the maximum amount of control over the house where you are living. Not surprisingly, the process of designing and building a custom house can often be more involved than what individuals may have expected from this process. Understand The Full Range Of Permits That May Be Required For The Property In order to start your construction process, you will need to obtain a wide range of different types of permits. Read More 

4 Ways A Remodeling Project Can Make Your Home Look Expensive

If you have lived in your home for a while, you may start noticing that it could use a little updating. Perhaps your appliances are outdated, your countertops are scratched, or your walls need a new coat of paint. You may be considering a home remodel but fear they may cost you more than you can afford. Luckily, there are a few ways that a contractor can remodel your home and make it look expensive without hurting your pockets. Read More 

Useful Guide For Homeowners Installing Screens On Their Gutters

If you have a gutter system on your property's roof, you might consider adding a screen to it. Then leaves and debris won't be able to fall inside and thus cause it to clog. Setting up one of these screen solutions won't be difficult if you use these guidelines. Measure Gutters First Something you'll want to do in the beginning when investing in gutter screens is to measure your gutter system. Read More 

Thinking About Buying A Plot Of Land? 4 Reasons To Request Land Surveying Services

When you are thinking about buying land, land surveying is something that you should consider. This is a process where someone measures the land to make sure that it is the size and shape that was agreed upon. Carefully trained workers do this using special equipment and tools. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider land surveying services when you are buying land. 1) To Make Sure That You Are Getting What You Paid For Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Video Sewer Inspections

It's a telltale smell. Sewer gases are stinky. In fact, the only thing worse than the smell is knowing that it means you have a blocked or damaged sewer line that needs to be repaired fast. Luckily, a video sewer inspection can save you time and money. Here's what you need to know. What Is a Video Sewer Inspection? A sewer inspection is a diagnostic test performed on a home's sewer line to identify any potential problems. Read More