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Stump Grinding Is An Efficient Way To Eliminate A Tree Stump Of Any Size From Your Yard

Stump grinding is a quick and easy way to get rid of a tree stump on your property. Grinding can be done on stumps of all sizes, but the larger the stump, the longer it takes to eliminate and the more stump grinding costs. Here's what you might expect when you have a tree stump ground away.

The Work Is Dangerous And Loud

It's a good idea to let your neighbors know when you have stump grinding scheduled so they're prepared for the noise. This is especially thoughtful if a neighbor works nights and sleeps through the day. Ask the contractor how long they think the noise will go on so you can let your neighbor know in advance.

Also, bits of tree bark and chunks of wood fly around while the grinding is going on. The contractor puts up barriers and mats to keep the debris confined, but you'll also want to keep animals and kids inside while the work is going on so no one gets hurt.

You Choose What To Do With The Hole

The stump grinding service might fill the hole in with all the wood debris they create, but a depression might form in your yard as the wood decays. You may need to add soil to the hole so a depression doesn't form and so your yard stays level and attractive.

You can plant grass seeds over the hole to fill in the soil. You might also plant a new tree in place of the stump, but talk to the contractor first. This could affect how deep they grind away the roots since you'll want the roots ground down deep enough to make room for the new tree roots to spread out.

Grinding Can Be Done In Tight Situations

If the tree stump you want to get rid of is against a fence or the side of your garage, you may think the stump will stay there until the garage or fence is torn down. You can't always pull a stump out when its roots are under a building or your home or garage could be damaged. However, it's often possible to grind away at a stump that's in a tight spot by putting the blade against the free side and moving it back and forth carefully until the stump is ground away.

The stump grinding contractor will give you an estimate of the cost of the service upfront and answer any questions you may have before they start. You could have that annoying stump gone the same day and have the area covered with sod or plants. Your yard will be much more attractive with an ugly rotting stump out of the way.

Contact a company like Coen & Sons Services Inc to learn more.